Thursday, October 09, 2008

garage sale

Last Saturday our neighborhood had their bi-annual (is that right? twice a year) garage sale. So, we decided to participate. Well, first I had to get my house on the map for the neighborhood. Then I had to go buy a garage sale permit....who ever heard of needing a permit to sell your stuff? Then I gathered some of my friends and their stuff and we set up shop. The customers trickled through...nothing extraordinary. It was a bust. Greg and I only made around $35 and then spent some of that for we didn't take much home. But we also, didn't take much home. After the sale we loaded Amy's pick up with all the stuff we didn't want to see again and sent it off to Goodwill! I'm happy to tell you that we lost over 50 pounds on Saturday! AHH! That made it all worth it. 5 bins of stuff that was sitting unused can now go to someone who can put it to good use! I hope to do this more often. And maybe next time I'll advertise more so that in the midst of "giving" stuff away I can make a little money.

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Jon and Lani said...

way to go, flylady! :) i'm proud of you! :)