Friday, October 24, 2008

eight by ten

Obviously I love to take photographs, and obviously I love when people like my photographs and it's even better when they hang them in their homes. It's such an awesome feeling to walk into my friends homes and see photographs of their children (or themselves) that I have taken. What a boost to the ego! ha! So, you may think that I have my walls lined with photographs that I have would think. But that is not really the case. I have a few over the TV that I have of each kid and then some little 4x6 snapshots are framed and scattered randomly throughout the house. But I have decided that it's time for me to be intentional and get some of my favorite photographs up on my walls. So, I started with this one that I took of Naomi the other day at the mission. Love it!We're going to put it on the wall that is still part of the living room but is the first thing we see when we come out of our bedroom. I have some big plans for Micah's room. Imagine a 3x3 grid of 12x12 photos framed as a headboard for the guest bed. It's all in my head right now but I hope to make it happen. I also want to do the same thing in the family/dining room and fill it with photos for potential clients to see (we hope to use that room as a "studio" of sorts for me).
I also had some photographs that I took at Julie and Clif's wedding enlarged. I will use these at the craft fair for people to see some samples of my work...I may not hang them in my living room but they will be available to other brides to see...providing I get some brides-to-be who would like me to photograph their wedding. Now, to just get the word out...

(Sorry, it's hard to photograph glass)

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Mikaela said...

We love your work too! We still have our wedding picture of us kissing in the background and our hands up front in our bedroom. God's definitely given you the gift and it's awesome to see you use it! Keep up the great work!