Friday, October 24, 2008

big girl bed

So, you've heard me talking all week about Naomi in the big girl bed so I thought it was time to share some photos of the blessed occasion. The main reason that we decided to go ahead with the switch was because Micah was out growing the pack n play. He wasn't able to spin all the way around and would get stuck trying to turn in the middle of the night. So, we thought it was time to get Naomi into a big bed and give Micah the crib. She did really well with the whole thing. We told her that she was going to share her bed with Micah and that she would then get her very own big bed like mommy and daddy have. When I went to read some parenting advice about doing the whole switch thing they talked about all the problems that happen and how to make this a long "transition" and all that sort of stuff...made me think, oops we did it wrong. But I think the way we did it was just fine for little N. We had left the gate down on the crib for a few days before the switch so that she could get used to coming out in the morning and coming to our room. Anyway, the switch went fine and she's doing good in the big girl bed. She didn't seem to have a problem giving up her crib to Micah either so that's good. Anyway, here are some photos of Naomi's room...please excuse the distortion, I used my fisheye lense so that you could imagine what the whole room looks like at once.Micah finally has a real bed!

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tiapugh said...

i loooooooove the colors in her room! how fun!

it was great to see you in WI!