Tuesday, October 14, 2008

apple picking

Sunday afternoon Chris, Heather and Danika came over to my parents house and then we all went apple picking. It was so awesome to do this and let Naomi experience something new and something she won't really get to do in Texas. The weather was a little warmer than we were hoping for but not a big deal. The apple orchard that we went to also had animals so it was lots of fun for the little girls to run around and mimic the animal noises they heard. Danika was loving the turkeys and Naomi loved the goats. We did do some apple picking and swinging and had a great time. I got some shots of Danika for Heather and I can't wait to get them all proofed for Heather to see. Here are some shots from the apple picking!

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Anna said...

What's fall??? ha ha