Tuesday, September 23, 2008

women's retreat in pictures...

Joshua and Micah were the only "men" allowed at the Women's retreat!We had a beautiful/delicious breakfast from Costco...muffins the size of your head, tiny cinnamon rolls, pastries, fruit, oj and coffee!Gayle gave the first talk about renewing the mind!Robyn lead some great crafts, we made soap and body scrub!We had an awesome catered lunch from Crumpets, baked chicken, brocolli, mashed potatoes, salad and drinks.Karlene gave her talk about re-energizing the body and then we went on a walk. We had some "pamper me" stations. Sarah and Elizabeth were so kind to give up part of their Saturday afternoon to come and paint nails for the ladies.And Robyn gave hand massages.
Rosemary jumped right in there and gave some leg/foot massages...she used to do that for a living so it was so kind of her to offer her services.
Some ladies played games during free time.Over in the parish hall everything was set up for our "tea time". Yummy pettifores (I have no idea how to spell that) made by Robyn. I just wish one would have said "eat me", like in Alice in Wonderland!Enjoying some tea and treats and fellowship.I think Karlene really enjoyed tea time.Susan, drank her tea properly, with her pinky extended!Enjoying more fellowship and a chance to get to know more women from church.Hats and scarves ready for the group photo!Some of the ladies all decked out for the group photo!And there you have it, the first Annual Women's Retreat!!! What a fun time!

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