Tuesday, September 30, 2008

thank you auntie julie

The door bell rang and Naomi immediately thought it was Amy (they've been here a few times in the last week). Then I saw the FedEx guy drive away and there was this HUGE box on our porch. It was for Naomi...and it was taller than Naomi. She was super excited and kept saying "books inside?" To which I replied, I don't think so. So, we opened the box to find a smaller box inside, and in the smaller box...a PIANO! Naomi didn't really know what it was when it was in the box...but then we took it out. She was so excited. She loves to play the piano and sing into the microphone. Thanks auntie Julie for the piano...she LOVES it.

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Anonymous said...

she is so cute. hopefully by the time I come and visit she will have a concert all prepared.