Thursday, September 04, 2008


living this far south in a warm climate has its drawbacks...

when your air conditioner breaks you better hope it's January.
September is a HOT month, not cooling down like up north.
geckos roam freely outside and inside my house.
cockroaches are supposed to pay rent but I've yet to see the check.

So, to summarize, ...
it's 88 degrees inside (and getting hotter by the hour)
it's 99 degrees outside (or something close to that) so no relief from opening the windows
the lizards are hiding under my desk...or somewhere else by now
and the cockroaches are around but luckily I haven't seen one since I killed one last night!

1 comment:

Mikaela said...

Sorry, but I just can't feel sorry for you! I would love to be experiencing the sunny, hot TX weather. Wearing jackets already is just depressing!