Thursday, September 11, 2008


Okay, so is that really a word because it looks really weird. But that's probably because it's 1 in the morning. Okay, so why can't I sleep. The kids got up early (7am)...I know what you're thinking, that's not early but Naomi usually sleeps till 8am, so an hour less of sleep makes for a cranky little lady. Micah had been getting up at 6:15ish, eating and going back to sleep but when he gets up at 7, he's up for a while, so all this to say I should be tired. But alas, I cannot sleep.

Is it the hurricane and all the questions it's causing to run through my mind? Should I go buy water? canned goods? batteries? should I drive to a friends house further north with the kiddos on Friday? Should we just tough it out? Is anything really going to affect us anyway?

Is it the fear of cockroaches and lizards invading my living room while I sleep? Not really, but I'm not saying the thought didn't cross my mind.

Is it the Bible study that I need to finish preparing for the Women's Retreat that was cancelled because of Ike but postponed to the 20th? Not really, I've got it pretty well under control.

I think it's the REALLY big cup of sweet tea from McDonald's that I drank at like 7:30pm (but it was oh so good). Yup, that's gotta be it. Well, that and the hurricane questions.
So, in the mean time here are some pictures of the kids from today. Micah is playing with his feet more and more...and eating his toes from time to time also. He talks and blows raspberries a lot when he's alone in his room but when he's out around us he's usually pretty quiet. But that's probably because Naomi does enough talking for all four of us. Greg has witnessed an outloud belly laugh from him twice and I missed it both times. We'll try and get it on video one of these days.
Naomi has been wanting to color and paint a lot this past week and that's always fun. Every time she paints she tells me that it's for Julie (jewwe). One time when we were painting about three months ago, I asked Naomi if she wanted to paint something for Julie for her wedding and ever since whenever we paint it's for Julie. I told Julie today that we're painting wallpaper for her bathroom. She loves to paint her hands and make handprints on the page. And whenever we color we must trace our hands as well...even in church. She's speaking in sentences now...most that we understand and some that we do not. She tries just about any word that she hears and can say most of them...whether she knows what she's saying or not is to be seen.
So that's my story. I think I'll try to sleep again! Have a great day and pray that the hurricane doesn't hit us too hard!

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