Tuesday, September 30, 2008

pillowcase dress

I went to Thrift Town yesterday and found some great sheets and pillowcases! I am so excited about some of the prints and vintagey (is that a word?) sheets that I found! I immediately washed and pressed them today so they'd be ready when I was ready to work with them. Please know that I am a VERY beginning sewer. I only do straight lines and don't even do those well.

So, when I saw the idea of making pillowcase dresses I thought it would be right up my alley. And it was. It was pretty easy to do...and with an iron and a straight stitch I was able to pretty much make a dress. Now, please note that I did NOTHING with the arm holes like I was supposed to but I'm all about instant gratification and didn't really worry about that yet. I can always go back and fix it later. So, here's my first attempt at the pillowcase dress. It turned out okay, it's a little big for Naomi but that's okay. She liked wearing it anyway. And at least now the dress will last longer because she'll be able to wear it when she gets bigger. She could almost just wear it as jammies...makes sense doesn't it? I found some other cute pillowcases and I may make more dresses or find something else to do with them. I've got the sewing/creative bug...just wish I had more time and knowledge.

Please excuse the dark photos. I didn't use my flash and I didn't lighten them in photoshop yet!


Jon and Lani said...

fun idea! where did you get the template?

Brian & Erin said...

VERY cute! :)


Holly said...

cute idea. The way it turned out almost reminds me of the mumu dresses that our friends Jack and Freda brought back from Hawaii for Dana and I.