Wednesday, September 24, 2008

pictures from colorado

Naomi loves pancakes...the messier the better!Greg, Naomi and grandma T, what a beautiful background!
Greg kept talking about how beautiful the location for the wedding was and from the pictures I can tell it was, and I'm sure the pictures don't do the place justice!

She looks so grown up in this picture!
Naomi playing with Xavier!
Uncle Lee, Nick, Lauren and Aunt Phyllis, what a beautiful bride!
The whole M family that was present!
Greg and Naomi...she's not so much into "smiling" for the camera these days!
Naomi playing at Uncle Lee and Aunt Phyllis's before coming home!

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Rachel Hill said...

Hopefully I'll have some for you soon. Naomi and Xavier were so cute together! He was the aggressor this time and she just stood there and took it...until she hugged him and he fell over :) She is so grown up now!