Sunday, September 28, 2008

no cake for you

Well, the bbq tonight was lots of fun. The friends that came helped us have a great time and celebrate our little girl who has been alive for almost two years (only two days away)! We had some great burgers and sides and then came the cake. Mickey was about to lose his ear but we sang in time and amputated his ears before they fell off. Naomi enjoyed the singing and actually blew one of the candles out all by herself. However, she did not want any cake. She wanted nothing to do with the cake. She just snuggled with Jenny and kept saying no. Not sure what that was about, not even sure that she's my daughter...ha! Of course she is, but not wanting cake is just absurd! I think she was a little overwhelmed with all the people singing and cheering and she didn't know what to think of it. About 15 minutes later she told me she would like some cake, she took two bites and was done, "I don wan it" was all she said. Oh well, it's not the end of the fact it's probably a good thing. It would probably do me some good to not want cake too. Anyway, it was a fun bbq and we're glad that we were able to hang out with our friends.

Micah slept from 1:30pm till 6pm, so he missed most of the bbq but that helped me be able to focus on the people around and Naomi. Oh and yes, he did go to bed by 8:30 when everyone had left and after Naomi got a bath...he's a good sleeper! Anyway, enough of me blabbing on and's some pictures from the evening.
Naomi's friends enjoyed the cake even if she didn't want any.Such a happy little ladyBrandy spent the evening giving all the little kids piggy back rides...they all loved it
Naomi and Jordan spent some time reading books and playing while we cleaned up and said goodbye to everyone. It's so fun to see them hanging out!Oh and Naomi decided to play with the cactus tonight and afterwards she just kept saying "owie". I used some tape to get all the little prickers out and then washed her hands lots but she just kept holding her hands out and wouldn't really touch anything. Hopefully she'll feel better tomorrow and hopefully she learned her lesson about playing with cactus'.


Anna said...

Looks like a lot of fun. Sorry we couldn't make it!

Jon and Lani said...

great job on the cake! it looks delicious! :) (and way to be creative!)