Friday, September 12, 2008

just in case...

you were wondering. Ike is coming but not toward us. We are far enough west that the only effects we will have is 1-2 inches of rain and some 40mph wind. Nothing too scary. Although I was secretly hoping for a little wind to blow some shingles off my roof so the insurance company could buy me a new one but don't tell them that! We're okay and really won't feel too much from the hurricane...well, that's what the weathermen say, so we're not too worried about it. I am however bummed that we cancelled our women's retreat for this weekend. The camp where we were going to have it will get LOTS of rain so that's a good thing. But we had talked about having it at church on Saturday but we decided not to. So that means I'll have to go to my women's retreat next weekend at church with Micah (Greg and Naomi will be in Colorado for Lauren's wedding). Sounds like fun hey, taking a 5.5 month old baby to a RETREAT!! ha! It also means that I don't get the day and a half "away" to retreat and rejuvinate! I guess I'll have to find some other time/way to retreat!

So, just in case you were wondering we'll be fine and Ike will probably hit Dallas worse than us. Here's a couple of pictures from today.

Naomi loves to read books to Micah...and she sings to him too, and you can tell how much he loves it!We had a little sibling impromptu photo shoot. Naomi likes to hold Micah but just for short periods of time...I don't know if he just gets too heavy or what :). He almost looks bigger than her in the second picture, but really he's not. 6 month clothes are still a little big on him, so he's really not THAT big. Micah decided he wanted to take a couple of pictures with me too, I was so excited that he asked. I love how my little man loves to smile for the camera!I gave him a mohawk after his bath last night. It looked pretty cool today but you can't really see it in the pictures. Have a great night!

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