Wednesday, September 03, 2008

fun weekend

We had a great weekend. Although it was tiring because we just seemed to be going all weekend long we had lots of fun. We made some new friends and caught up with some old friends.

Friday night:
*Leaders from area churches came over...for a bbq of sorts to talk about the upcoming "Party in the Park" sponsored by area Lutheran Churches for young adults
*One new Pastor in town, Chris (whom Greg knew a little from Sem)
*A young college student from our church
*A DCE and his wife from an area church
*We played Tri-Bond and Greg and I won the first one and lost the next two!
*We enjoyed some margaritas and great food
*We enjoyed the company and forging new friendships

*Last official Financial Peace University Class (next Sat. we graduate)
*Billy, Anna and their three kids came over for dinner
*Hanging out with friends from church is always nice
*Even better when they have kids the same age as our kids so they can all play together
*Margaritas once again, good food and fellowship to boot!

*Bible class and church were great
*I managed to keep both kids in one pew and mostly quiet by myself
*We had our PALS meeting so Connie brought Mikaela over to babysit Naomi and we took Micah with us to Crown of Life
*Got to meet some new people in the group and catch up with old friends as well
*We played Farkel...they called it Zilch
*We had a short worship time
*We were home by 11pm and went to bed shortly there after

*PALS meeting time again
*Connie made an awesome breakfast and lunch
*Naomi got to play with Mikaela and Crystal (her new best friends)
*Micah hung out with us and slept a little bit
*Got to chat with 5 other Pastor's wives
*Great fellowship time and Bible study time
*crashed once we got home and just spent the night laying low

*Greg stayed home in the morning
*I ran a few errands...getting money back from the dentist is worth a 20 minute drive!
*Trying to get my name (JT Photo) out to a local kids resale boutique but that lady is harder to get a hold of than the President
*Hanging out at home and getting some things done
*Just waiting for the lizard to show its face again so Greg can catch it and set it free outside

It was a fun and busy weekend but we really enjoyed all the time we got to spend with other people and out of the house! Which is nice but at the same time I kinda wish it didn't all have to happen in one weekend.

We've got a busy September and a trip to WI in October but we're looking forward to having our Saturday mornings back since we won't have FPU anymore...well, once Sept and all those activities are over anyway.

Sorry for the randomness of this post, just trying to document all we've been up to. Now, I gotta go figure out what that smell is...I just changed a diaper so I'm thinking it's something else!

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Anna said...

I know what you mean about getting Saturday mornings back! lol I can't wait.