Saturday, September 20, 2008

enough said...

Ladies night...what fun! Laughter, food, kids! Gotta love it. Although Micah was around for the first 30 minutes or so he promptly went to bed and left us ladies to, well, lady stuff. We enjoyed some good appetizers, some fun games and lots of laughing. I enjoyed it immensly and can't wait till the next ladies night. Thanks J, A, L, L & K for coming over and having a good time with me...I hope you had fun too. Oh and what ladies night would be fun without some good memories... "Don't waste my time", "Read my lips" and of course this card:
(in case you didn't know, my moms name is Shirley, so I found this card a little amusing!) And no, the "What a pair" up in the right hand corner has NOTHING to do with Shirley's huge chest it's just kind of ironic! Have a great night!

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