Friday, August 22, 2008

to share or not to share

We toyed with the idea of having our kids share a bedroom for a long time. Even before Micah was born it was our thought that the kids would share a room and then we'd keep a guest/craft room. After Micah was born we still thought that would be to our advantage to have them share a room. We knew that they wouldn't be able to share for a LONG time since they are different genders but figured it wouldn't be a big deal for a few years. Well, Naomi was so enamored with Micah that I wondered if either of them would get any sleep if they shared a room. Naomi is still sleeping in her crib and we want to keep it that way as long as we can but we figured out a way for the pack n play and the crib to fit in her room. Micah slept in our room for about a month and then in the pack n play in the living room (because it was closer) and then we moved his bed to the guest room. We decided that it doesn't make sense to keep a room just for guests when it would only be occupied for maybe two months out of the year. We have the space so we decided to put it to use. So, Micah has his own room which for the time being doubles as a guest bedroom and also still holds lots of my craft stuff (although I've gotten rid of a bunch of stuff and reorganized and put some things in my own closet now) but it is his room nonetheless. I decided to put a stamp on his room and make it feel like his. Since we don't have the time/money to paint his room right now and really make it a "boy" room we're just going to hang some pictures and make it his that way. So, here's my first addition to Micah's room. I had fun painting and getting creative. I just hotglued the letters on and then hot glued a button on a push pin to hold the 8x8 canvas boards. The whole project only cost me $15.00...and now Micah knows that the room is his!
The kids don't have to share now...but they will if/when another little rugrat comes along!

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Anna said...

Cool idea for Micah's name on the wall! I was just telling Billy today that I wished we had an extra room for a craft room.