Tuesday, August 05, 2008

sweet girl

I have two quick stories for you about my sweet Naomi.

She is learning so many new things lately. She loves to sing with us and lots of times on her own as well. We always sing "Jesus loves me" to her before bedtime and naptime. So, she's learning the words and starting to sing along. It's so sweet though when throughout the day we hear her say, "Jesus me so". She doesn't quite have the "love" word down but she knows what it means. It's just great to hear her talking about Jesus throughout her day. It's a habit we should all get into.

Naomi was up late on Friday night and so naptime lately has been a bit of a struggle. I am a firm believer that when kids are overtired it's harder for them to go to sleep. Plus, she usually has one day a week where she doesn't really nap. Today happened to be that day. So after about an hour of playing in her crib she started crying. So, I went in by her and calmed her down and got her to lay down again. Then to get her to stay in her crib and hopefully fall asleep I told her that I was going to take a nap on her floor. I put my hand through the crib bars and rubbed her arm hoping that she'd fall asleep. After about ten minutes of this she got up, went to the end of her crib grabbed the extra blanket and dropped it to me on the floor. Then she layed back down. What a sweet girl! No, she didn't go back to sleep but I layed there on the floor for a bit before letting her get out of bed.

Just wanted to share those fun stories with you...and again, they will help me remember! Have a great day. Oh and if you're curious we aren't getting any effects from tropical depression Eduoardo just yet. They say we might get rain tonight but nothing so far.

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