Thursday, August 28, 2008

softball party

On Saturday, August 16th we went to a softball party at some members house. They have a beautiful house and backyard complete with swimming pool, trampoline and jungle gym. Naomi had a blast playing and she did a little swimming in the big pool but not much since mom and dad didn't get in the water. She had a good time playing in the downpouring rain too! We had a great time socializing and getting to know the people from our church better. It's always nice to be able to hang out with people from church outside of church...that way Greg can talk to people for more than 2 minutes too! We also checked out their "pet" spider. Not sure what kind of spider it is but I can just tell you I wouldn't want that in or near my house!
Daddy and Micah hanging out.
This is where Naomi wanted to go swimming...but not without mom or dad...This one is more Naomi's size.Some of the guys from the team hanging outNaomi loved playing in the rain!

Here's the softball team at their last game, the night before the party!

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