Monday, August 04, 2008


I'm a little overwhelmed by how far behind I am in my blogging. So, tomorrow during nap time (if all goes well) I will update and "catch up" my blog with just the big points and some pictures. I don't want to forget everything that has gone on and there are things worth mentioning. I'm not making any promises but I'll try to get to the updates tomorrow.

I got to photograph 500 babies today. Our friends Billy and Anna are an amazing couple and they have these three great foster children. The awesome thing is that it looks like they will be officially adopting the boys (who are brothers) on or around August 15th. We are so excited for them. They aren't sure what's going to happen with their sweet little girl but we'll keep them in our prayers. Anyway, the photo shoot went great, even though Joe didn't really feel like having his picture taken...he did pretty good for not wanting to be photographed! I can't share any pictures with the kids faces just for privacy issues but I captured a few fun ones without their faces just to share on my blogs. You can check out a few more on my photography blog.

Check back later tomorrow for more updates from July!

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