Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Our little girl is almost two! That just seems unreal to me! We love her lots and cannot imagine life without her. She is showing us her independence and has a little bit of a strong willed personality shining through. But it's also hard to tell if that's just her being two! Anyway, she is talking non-stop and learning lots of new words everyday. We have a list going of all the words she says before she turns far there are over 150 words on the list and I haven't written any down for a while so it may be more than that. She still hits Micah sometimes but I think it's for attention more than anything. She still LOVES to read books and is a big fan of our trips to the library. She takes good care of her babies and even "nurses" then when they are "hungy". She loves to play outside, take baths, eat, sing, dance, play catch and read. She is finally getting some more teeth. She's got one molar on the bottom right and the top one is starting to come in now too. We can tell that the left side teeth are going to start coming through anyday now (although we've been saying that for months). So, because she still doesn't have all her teeth she still has to eat somewhat soft food and it obviously has to be cut up...but that girl loves her food and hasn't really shown any picky signs as of yet! She's a blast to play with and we're teaching her right now to tell us how old she is! What a fun age. So, that's our little lady. Here are some shots of her reading to Micah the other day. Enjoy.

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Anonymous said...

Love all the pictures Jamie. Wish I could be there and have fun and go swimming and read some books too! Julie