Wednesday, August 20, 2008

lizard story

One night/morning (5am) when I was nursing Micah I saw something out of the corner of my eye. Normally I would assume that it was a cockroach...but this something was not black nor fat. I saw it go very close to the entertainment center and then stop. To me, at 5am with no glasses, and 20 feet away it looked like a little lizard...but I was not certain. I forgot about it the next day but told Greg two days later. Then that night he saw something too...and behold it was a little lizard. We found the little guy in the corner by our window...Greg was going to try and capture him in an empty bottle...the little guy was fast, but after a few attempts the little lizard was captured. Greg is amazing when it comes to capturing and or killing things that do not belong in our house...he's batting 1,000. So we took his picture and sent him on his way. I'm thankful that Greg was around to do the dirty work and that it wasn't a scorpion or another big cockroach and that it didn't show it's face around the kids. That's my lizard story.Oh and that's not the only lizard that's been in our house. I accidentally killed one shortly after we moved in and when my parents were here in July there was one in the house dad got that little guy out!
Can anyone tell me the difference between a lizard and a gecko?

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