Tuesday, August 05, 2008


Well, here goes nothing. This is just going to be one LONG post with lots of pictures and a few words/stories. I think I'll feel better once I'm caught up.

While Micah and I were home for my grandmothers funeral we got to catch up with some old friends and got to see all of my cousins and aunts and uncles on my dads side of the family. Plus it was great to see Eric again and to get to spend some time with him, Tracey and Brad. It's been a while since we, siblings, have been able to just hang out a bit.
Micah and his godfather, Uncle Eric.
My best friend Julie, can't wait till we're back in wisconsin for her wedding.
Casey, thanks for coming to see us, Micah told me how great it was to meet you!
Here's Micah sporting the coolest socks ever from my cousin Jenni and Andy...oh and super cute overalls too!
Two of my college roommates, Erica and Sarah...thanks for coming to see us you guys! Sarah we can't wait to meet that baby!!!What a handsome little dude! My cousins! Yes, the two little ones are MY cousins...not Naomi and Micah's cousins.My family on my dad's side. The only ones missing are Catherine, Greg and Naomi.Tracey, Eric and Jamie!Jen and I! It was soooo good to see you again Jen...sorry our time together was so short.
If you've ever read my blog before you know that Naomi loves books. Well, she is sharing that love of books with her brother. She loves to sit down and read to him and show him the pictures. On this particular day the boppy pillow just happened to be on the floor facing Micah in the bouncy seat, she got TONS of books out, sat down, made herself comfortable and just began to read. It was such a sweet moment! We're not sure how she got this scrape but she's a tough kid to have scrapped her knee so badly and not even cry or wince in pain. Her first real bloody, scabbed knee, just what you wanted to see on my blog today right?
Who doesn't love a naked baby photo? Okay, so they're not completely naked but that's good!
Top this!!!
Micah loves his baths just like Naomi does. He doesn't cry...unless the water is cold and he could stay in there much longer than I let him stay in there now.
The B family (Pastor B is a Pastor where Greg served as vicar in Seymour, IN) was in town on vacation and so they worshiped with us on Sunday (July 27th) and then came over for lunch and to hang out for a bit. Of course Naomi thinks that anyone who comes over has come to read her books! Thanks Martha and Andrew for reading to Naomi! Thanks for stopping by and visiting with us! It was so great to see y'all again...and have a few laughs!Do we have a left handed pitcher on our hands?
Jake celebrated his 5th birthday in style on July 27th. He had a bouncy thingy...gosh I don't know the technical term sorry! But anyway, Naomi had a good time jumping around in there while all the big kids were occupied doing something else. Jake had a great time opening presents and eating cake but he didn't like it when everyone sang to him so he covered his ears! silly kid! Anyway, it was a SUPERman party!
Naomi has really enjoyed dressing up lately...and who can blame her?Naomi enjoys swimming in her turtle sandbox. Hey, water is cheaper than sand...and much easier to clean up! Sorry about the lack of swimsuit here, just figured it wasn't really necessary.
Sophia came over on Thursday while Jake had his 5 year check up. Naomi and Sophia actually played pretty well together. I think Naomi's direct quote while taking this picture is, "Good game" HA!Naomi loves to undress herself a lot lately and so then she thinks that Micah needs his clothes off too, here she is trying to get his socks back on.Naomi kept falling off the bleachers at Greg's softball game on Friday (aug 1). She got a pretty nasty bruise on her back...but she's a champ and after crying for about 2 minutes she acted as though it didn't even happen. Oh and they won the softball game by 15!
Micah's four month old calendar shot. We go to the dr. with him on Monday.

So there you have it. I will try and keep things more updated from now on...it's not easy to remember the good stories if I don't post them right away. Thanks for reading and keeping up with us.


Holly said...
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Holly said...

At Gene's softball game the other week one kid fell off the top bleacher and it wasn't pretty. We tried to keep Andrew on the bottom two bleachers, but it wasn't easy. It's just so fun to climb up to the top. Glad that Naomi is OK, but OUCH!!