Thursday, August 07, 2008

digital scrapbooking

I love to do digital scrapbooking...the problem is I don't seem to have the time for it like I used to. And that seems silly since I don't have to drag out all my supplies like I do when I paper scrap. Anyway, I finally got around to it last night and created two simple can check them out here. I guess it doesn't help that when I am working in Photoshop my computer is SO SLOW, anyone know what I can do to remedy that? Sometimes when I'm working the computer will just close photoshop without any warning! How rude! It makes me so mad and I guess that's why I don't take the time to do it as often because I figure it's just going to close on me why even start. But I've learned a few tricks. Once I get two things in place I save it, then if my computer decides it can't do anymore because theres not enough RAM I can just close it and it will ask me if I want to save the changes I've made and I can say yes and it won't be saving over some piece of paper or element that I wanted to keep in it's original form. Okay, does that make sense to any of you? I guess you'd have to know what I'm talking about. Anyway, sorry for rambling...I just wanted to share my two latest pages with you. Hope you're having a good week

Oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my brother-in-law Gene!


Rachel Hill said...

I never realized you had a scrapping blog! I had fun looking through it...even though I'm supposed to be cleaning my classroom! :)

Brian & Erin said...

You may need to look into getting an external memory drive. You can save most of your saved work and pictures there. Not sure if that frees up much RAM, but it may make photoshop a happier experience for you! Talk to a computer store to be sure before investing. Just a thought!


Jamie said...

We just bought an EHD for just this reason. I don't think we have everything on it yet though so I haven't started deleting things! Thanks for the advice though!!!