Wednesday, August 27, 2008

baby joshua

Greg, Micah and I went to see Amy today. She's doing remarkably well for having a c-section. She's able to get up and go see Joshua in the NICU and enjoying some quiet time in her room as well. Joshua had been on oxygen 10 minutes after he was born because he started to turn blue. Then they took him off it once he started doing better. Then he started turning blue again so they put him back on it. When we got there today he was still in the NICU but they were weaning him off the oxygen and letting him breath on his own. However, he was not keeping any food down so they want to make sure he will eat before they put him in the regular nursery. Amy, and any family can go see him whenever they want and Greg got to go see him today too (since he's the baby's Pastor). Amy is worried that she'll be sent home before Joshua is ready to go home so please keep the little guy in your prayers. He's stable and doing well but they need him to eat and gain some weight and breath on his own for a bit before sending him home. I can't imagine not going home from the hospital without my baby. Prayers are appreciated!

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