Tuesday, July 29, 2008

videos of kiddos

Naomi's vocabulary pretty much doubled overnight. She understands so much more and she repeats just about everything you say. She really didn't even try to say grandma or grammy at the begining of July but now she says it pretty well. She loves to sing her books (her daddy taught her that) and she loves to dance around a lot. Check out her blog for her dancing video. It's amazing to see all the things she learns in a week and it's always fun to say, "what are we going to teach her today". She is a sponge, ready to soak up whatever is around her! We are much more cautious about what we say and what is on tv than we used to be. She is such a great big sister and such a good helper...when she wants to be. She does express her independence from time to time but overall she's a sweetheart who loves Jesus and her family. She knows that Jesus lives in her heart and that He is daddy's boss and that daddy works at church. It's pretty fun to teach her new things. We're working on colors and numbers too and she's slowly getting the hang of them. The only color we think she actually knows is pink, all the others are a guess but she can at least say all the colors. She loves to sing along with her bedtime songs now and she's got quite a bit of "Jesus Loves Me" down. It's so awesome to hear your kid sing those songs and to know that they sorta get what's going on!

Micah is such a laid back baby and has such a fun personality. He loves to just stare at Naomi and check out what she's doing. I think he'd like to get up and play with her...if only he could. He smiles LOTS and for just about anyone. He rarely cries and he's a champion sleeper. He sleeps through the night a couple times a week but gets up around 3am half the week too. The cool thing is, when he gets tired we can just lay him in his bed and he'll go to sleep, he doesn't need to be rocked or swaddled or anything anymore. Not that we don't love to rock him and read to him but it's nice that he can go to sleep on his own. He rolled over on Sunday afternoon and I heard him giggle last night. It's fun to experience these "firsts" all over again with a new kid! I love this little dude and just want to kiss his cheeks all the time! Enjoy the video!

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Kimi said...

jamie, I can't get over those socks! they are so stinkin' cute.