Wednesday, July 02, 2008

three months

3rd month stats
Weight: 15lbs
Length: 24.5 inches
It's hard to believe that little Micah is already three months old. Where has the time gone?! It's also weird to think that he's ONLY three months old. We love this little guy so much and he's such a happy baby, it feels like he's been part of the family for such a long time! He loves to sit under his jungle gym or his singing bears and just talk to them and smile at them. The only time he really cries is when he's hungry. He's sleeping pretty regularly from 8pm till 5am and then two good consistent naps. We didn't go to the doctor but I did weigh him and measure him his stats are not scientific but close!

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tiapugh said...

what is the secret? You totally scored with babies that sleep through the night! Amazing!

I'm praying for a baby that will sleep... please little guy...