Monday, July 21, 2008

live from wisconsin

Well, we made it work. Micah and I flew "home" yesterday and we'll be in Wisconsin till Wednesday evening. We flew Continental and I don't remember the last time I flew with them. But let me tell you this will not be the last time. I was very pleased with the customer service on both flights and can't thank Sharon enough for her kidness and concern on our flight to Milwaukee. She got me two seats to myself, lots of pillows and was very kind. The cool thing about this flight was the food. Yes, the food. Everyone got a ham or turkey sandwich, baby carrots and M&M'! It's been a while since I've gotten food other than the peanut variety on a plane. Pretty cool. So, I will fly Continental again if they have the right flights for me. Micah slept pretty much the whole second flight (it was a 2 hour flight) and he just did really great on the plane. Lots of people commented on what a cute and well behaved baby he is and I have to agree. We got to Milwaukee around 2pm. Spent some time with my brother and sister at mom and dad's house. Julie came over and we went out for dinner with my sister. Then my college roommate Casey came over and Julie, Casey and I enjoyed some great conversation with Deadliest Catch in the background. They left around was so good to just hang out and chat with them. It's been a while since I've seen Casey so that was really great. Today, two of my other college roommates are coming over for lunch. This afternoon we're driving down to Illinois. The visitation for my grandma is from 6-9pm and then the funeral is tomorrow at 9am. It will be good to see my family again but the circumstances are no fun. Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I'm in Wisconsin for a short time and I left my husband and sweet little girl at home since we couldn't afford another ticket and since Greg is the only Pastor on duty this week. I miss them lots and wish they could have come with! I'll post some pictures when I get home. Have a great week everyone.
Here's a random picture of Naomi from last summer that I found on my moms computer. She was so flexible...and she still is but she doesn't sit around doing the splits anymore.
PS I'll post a tutorial on how I did the worded pictures when I get back home to SA

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