Wednesday, July 16, 2008

japanese tea garden

Greg's parents are here for the week and we wanted to do something fun on Monday since Greg had the day off. We were going to go to the zoo but by the time we got going it was going to be a quick trip since the guys were golfing in the afternoon. Rather than have them spend $18 for an hour and a half at the zoo we decided to check out something new. So we ventured over to the Japanese Tea Garden that we'd heard so much about but had never made it to yet since it was under renovation. Wow! What a beautiful place...I felt like I was in the garden of Eden (but I know that was probably 100x more beautiful than this). We walked around the whole place and I took tons of pictures and we enjoyed the beauty of it all. I know this is a place we will visit again and it will be a great place to take portraits for people too. So glad we found it!

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