Wednesday, July 09, 2008

the end of vacation

I realize that I never shared pictures from the wedding and the rest of our trip. I will try to post some real quick while the kids are still napping.
On Friday, June 27th we drove from Milwaukee to St. Louis with my parents. Greg's cousin Aaron was getting married on Saturday and Greg was going to perform the ceremony. This was Greg's second wedding but really his first big wedding. The other one was really small with no rehearsal. He was a little nervous at the rehearsal but he did a great job. I missed the actual ceremony on Saturday because Naomi didn't want to sit still or be quiet (luckily Micah slept through the whole thing)! The whole family was there, I think this was the first time that I ever experienced being with the WHOLE family at once, all aunts, uncles, cousins and second cousins were present! That was pretty neat.

Josh and Julie came to the hotel on Saturday morning to see us for a quick visit! So glad you guys came it was great to catch up, sorry the time was so short.
Grandpa and grandma T with all six of their grandchildren.Greg looks ready to get these two married!The happy couple, Katie and Aaron.Micah with his great-grandparents. Notice how he looks at the camera...he's a poser!The whole Ruben and Norma M. family!Grandpa Ruben, Micah Ruben and Gregory Ruben! See a trend here?The whole Gary and Faye T family. So good to be with family.The Greg and Jamie T family! Awww.
Rachel, Jamie and Jamie

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Anonymous said...

Too bad Naomi looks like grumpy pants in the Greg Truwe family picture. Tell her to lighten up or a birdy will come and poop on her lip.