Wednesday, July 09, 2008

the drive home

Sunday morning we worshiped at Peace where I used to work as their DCE and it was great to see some of our friends. Sorry, I didn't have the camera there to get a picture of everyone I saw. We then started our long drive home. We stopped in Oklahoma City, OK to stay the night with some of Greg's family friends. Thanks for the hospitality.
Then on Monday morning we drove to Denton, TX to see Eric, Heather and their two girls. We had a great lunch that Heather made and the girls enjoyed playing together. Kathryn and Naomi are both pretty blonde and about the same height so they are easy to confuse....Eric and I both made the mistake of yelling at the other one's child when we thought it was our daughter...ooopps! It was kinda funny. Eric took Greg to see his church and my mom got both girls to sit and read books with her. Right before we were going to leave Frank and Leigh made it into town. They were staying in the area before heading to Louisianna. It was great to catch up with them and see their adorable kids too.
Then we got back in the car and stopped for dinner, which seemed like a bad idea because Naomi was going crazy...I guess three days in a car will do that to a 21 month old! We made it home safe and sound and were excited to see papa and sleep in our own beds! We had a great vacation and also enjoyed the week with my parents here. We've been back into our routine now and are looking forward to having Greg's parents here for a week. Hope you're having a good summer too!
It was so good to see Jeanette and Tami!Greg caught up with Dan too.We saw this sign right where we pulled in so that I could change Micah's diaper. HA!
Oopps! No dumping!
Naomi and Kathryn banging it out!
Lauryn and Micah are about a month and a half apart in age with Micah being the older one.
Kathryn and Naomi are a month and a half apart in age and Kathryn is the older one.
Greg and Eric together again...Greg loved hanging out with Eric again even if the time was short.
The whole gang. The T's and H's together again!
My mom read countless books to the little girls!
Kathryn, Micah, Naomi, Kimberly, Lauryn and Johnnie.
Greg, Micah, Naomi, Me, Leigh, Kimberly, Kathryn, Frank, Johnnie, Heather, Eric and Lauryn, so good to see them all again!!

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