Thursday, June 19, 2008

moving out...

No, we're not moving...thank goodness. I've had enough moving for a while and it's nice to be able to stay in my home for more than a year this time! But, our neighbors are moving. I'm not one who would normally sit here and talk about other people that I don't know very well on my blog...but I've just got to share this. We've had some good neighbors in our day and some not so good neighbors. In our first apartment we had bad downstairs neighbors...we even called the cops on them...twice. We had great across the parking lot neighbors...Luke and Mikaela and would give anything to have them be our neighbors again! When we moved to St. Louis and lived in the little house (which is no longer there) we had AWESOME neighbors. Cledis and Vivian were the best neighbors and we miss living by them too. We had some not so great neighbors when we moved across the parking lot at Peace but not too bad. We had some strange neighbors in Indiana but didn't really bother them and they didn't bother us. We had some fun neighbors when we moved back to St. Louis and lived in an apartment...although Kyle was vulgar and loud when his sports teams were on we really enjoyed living by them.

When we moved into our home here in San Antonio we met our neighbor to the left (looking out our front door) Pam and really liked her...she's lived there for about 10 years and has two sons (one in college and one in highschool). Pam is sweet and she's almost always home so I know if we have an emergency she's there to help us. When we first moved in the neighbors to the right were pretty nice but not home very often. Then they moved out...probably in September last year. We found out the house was a rental and were a little sceptical of who would live there next. Well by Thanksgiving the house had been rented again. To a family with four children ranging from college age to 9 years old. Everything was fine at first and it's just been pretty recently that they've been driving us nuts...or should I say, Coco has been driving us nuts...their little chihuahua dog. Coco likes to bark, that little yipee bark that chihuahua's have. Coco likes to run around and pretend he owns the place. Coco likes to come into our garage when we get home. Coco likes to run in the middle of the street. Coco obviously doesn't have a leash. Coco usually is in their backyard but has figured out how to get out...and Coco likes to come into our backyard...which by the way is fenced in. This drives me nuts! If I wanted a chihuahua in my backyard I'd get my own...but I don't! We've told Kerry (the 9 year old boy) to try and keep the dog in their yard but it seems to have fallen on deaf ears.

So the other day we saw a UHaul in the driveway. We thought good, their moving out so the dog won't bother us anymore. We don't mind the people themselves but they just don't seem to have a lot of respect for other people because they don't put their dog a leash when he's in the front yard, and they're messy. Lots of their garbage has ended up in our side yard because they didn't bag their garbage real well and the wind carried it into our yard. So now we're left cleaning up their stuff! ugh! So anyway, they packed up their stuff and moved and this is what the yard looks like right now. We hope they come back to clean this up...we're not in a trashy part of town, what makes them think they can just leave things this way? I hope the people they rented from don't give them their deposit back. Sorry, if this is sounding really mean but we're done with it. Hopefully the next people that live there won't have a dog and if they do, hopefully they'll invest in a leash.

Sorry for the blue overcast in the photos...I forgot to adjust the white balance on my camera.

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Jana said...

Ahhhhhhh yes, I remember Coco! Glad they're gone.