Thursday, June 19, 2008

best mail day...EVER

Okay, so not much could top the mail that I got yesterday...maybe a letter stating that all our debt has been paid off but not much more than that. I received in the mail yesterday... a box...and inside new camera. I've been saving for this camera for a while and the wedding I photographed in Feb. put me over the top with my savings!
I am so excited about this camera. I've already taken tons of photographs and plan on posting some on my photography blog. I didn't get a lens with the camera because that would have cost me a couple hundred more and I just didn't have that money. But all the lenses that I had with my Elan 7e will work great on this beauty.
This is the first image I captured with my new camera. Nothing too special...but it's just the begining. I can't wait to book more sessions and capture more memories for lots of people. I have two sessions lined up for when I am in Wisconsin. I am photographing Peyton, the son of one of my college roomates and I am also doing Clif and Julie's engagement photos. I am so excited! Click here to see some more from my first day with my new camera!


tiapugh said...

congrats! making the shift to digital is a big deal. i can't wait to see some of the fruits of your labor. :)

happy shooting!

Katherine Marie! said...

What a SWEET SWEET package... yesssss!!! You are going to capture the most INCREDIBLE images with this baby. I can't wait to see what you create!