Tuesday, February 05, 2008

looks interesting

So I've been doing some blog searching tonight and have come across some really interesting things. This book looks really cool. She's got a blog too. I love to create things. Although I don't always take the time to do so, it's fun to get crafty. Greg always says, I have a new hobby every week, but lately I haven't taken the time to do any of it. Well, I want to make an effort to take more time to do those crafty things with Naomi. She's starting to understand more so I think this is a good time to do some of those things. Maybe I'll save my pennies and buy that book for more inspiration! Just wanted to share a cool find. We actually did get crafty about a week ago. I busted out the paints and crayons again. You'll have to wait a little longer to see what we did with the paints but here's a couple of shots of Naomi with the crayons. She sorta gets it, sorta doesn't.

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