Saturday, January 05, 2008

family photo

A professional photographer came to church a couple of weeks ago to take pictures of the choir concert. He stuck around after church to take some pictures of a family he knows and Greg and I happened to be there, ready to have lunch before making evangelism calls. So, he took some pictures of us too. WOW! I think this is by far the best family photo we've had taken of us. To me it looks like it could be used as stock photography for the seminary or churches or something. He did a great job...oh and what a cutie pie is Naomi? He is giving us a CD with all the images and full copywright too...what an awesome gift. I'm hoping to talk to him some more about the whole photography business too! Anyway, I scrapped the pictures that he emailed to Greg...I made it pretty simple because I really wanted the photos to be the focus. I will be getting prints and enlargements made of this picture because I love it so much!! The background papers are from Princess Lala Designs (January 08 Download a Day kit) at Divine Digital.

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Brian & Erin said...

That photo really is awesome! It captures you all so beautifully!