Friday, January 04, 2008

christmas vacation

Our Christmas was not quite like the Griswald's...I mean seriously who has a family like that? But we had a great time traveling, seeing family and friends, playing games, eating good food and just being on vacation.

We started out Christmas Eve at church in San Antonio. I had to play bells for the late service but I atteneded the earlier service so that I could get Naomi to bed at a reasonable time. Christmas Day we got up and went to church, Greg preached and then we headed out the door as soon as the service was over, foregoing handshakes, so we could catch our plane. We flew to Dallas and had about an hour layover. We made it to St. Louis on time and had a quick trip over to Illinois to celebrate with Greg's family that was gathering there.

The next day we headed to south county (St. Louis) to see some friends before we drove back to Indianapolis with Greg's parents. We stopped at Peace quick to see Tammy, Pastor and anyone else who might be there. We then headed over to see Angie, Mark and Alyssa. Naomi had a great time playing with Alyssa...or should I say Alyssa's toys! She doesn't really know how to play WITH other kids yet, just near them! We then heade to Qudoba...we love this place and there aren't any in San Antonio! We met some of the girls from Peace who were in my "youth group" there! It was SO GREAT to catch up with them and spend a little time with them. Congrats to Deanne and Aaron who will be getting married in August!!! Congrats to everyone who is graduating this year excited for you ladies! We had a quick and uneventful trip to Indy that afternoon and enjoyed a relaxing evening at "home".

We went to the Children's Museum for a couple of hours because Holly gave us their pass so it was free. Naomi had a great time playing in the sand, water, climbing and even got to go on the carousel. We drove to Seymour on Friday morning to see our friends there from our vicarage year. We got to have a delicious lunch prepared by Jan and just got to sit and talk with our friends there! It was great. We then went over to Tara's house (I coached swimming while she coached diving at the highschool) and got to hang out with Matt, Tara and Taylor. Taylor is getting so big (she's 4 now), but was great to Naomi! We found out while we were there that Naomi had a 101.8 temp. She always seems to get sick when we go to Indiana. We got her some medicine and headed over to Justin and Megan's house. We also got to see Shawn, Taryn and Sam. We had dinner there and spent some time hanging out before heading over to Kathy and Duane's house to put Naomi to bed. Naomi was up every half hour, I don't think she could breathe out her nose, so that was an interesting evening. After breakfast we headed back to Indy. We got Naomi down for a nap and later celebrated Christmas with the family!

We all got some great gifts and are very grateful for the blessing of our family. We heard a Christmas story, sang some songs and then opened all the gifts. It was fun watching all the kids opening their presents. Their faces were priceless. We had taken an extra suitcase with us and it's a good thing we decided to do that because we needed it. After church on Sunday we had lunch, played some games and just you see a theme here? Monday we did a lot of the same things, and then went to Holly and Gene's to celebrate New Years. We played some fun games, Last Word, Scategories, Fact or Crap, and again had some great food. We rang in the New Year, played another game and then went home for bed. Tuesday we got up to a little snow on the ground and much cooler temperatures. Naomi did get to see snow, not that she'll remember it, and we got one proof picture for her as we were leaving. The flights home were interesting since she wasn't feeling well and hadn't gotten as much sleep as she usually does. But with the circumstances she still did pretty well. We made it home safely after an hour delay in Dallas, go figure! But we were glad to be home and to be able to put Naomi down to sleep in her own bed so she could get healthy. We had a GREAT vacation and will always cherish those memories. Thanks to everyone who made time to see us during the busyness of Christmas. We're grateful that you are in our lives.

Well you made it to the end of the story! Now enjoy TONS of pictures. The captions are under the pictures!
Naomi and her friend Sophia in the nursery on Christmas Eve.
Naomi and dad on the plane to Dallas.
Aunt Dawn helping Naomi open her kitty pj's from Jon and Jamie.
Baby Xavier and I got to meet for the first time. I'm sure he'll remember me too!
Rachel and Naomi!
Naomi was lovin' baby X and couldnt' keep her hands off him.
This is the"X" I made for Xavier after he was born but was too cheap to mail!
Tammy, Naomi and I! I miss ya Tammy!
Alyssa and Naomi playing together nicely!!!
Kristen, Jeanette, Jamie, Megan, Naomi, Kristin and Deanne all hanging out at Qudoba.
Aunt Dawn, Leyna, Naomi, Uncle Craig and Justin one more time together!
Naomi at the Children's museum checking herself out!
Naomi and daddy on the carousel.Kathy and Beckie are teaching Naomi all that she needs to know to be the worlds best secretary!
Ava, Jan, Pastor B, Vicar L, Naomi, Jamie, Matt, Martha, Pastor B and Greg together again for some good times!
Tara, Naomi, Taylor and Matt! Sooooo good to see y'all and spend some time with y'all.
Greg, Naomi, Jamie, Ava (she was in bed), Megan and Justin! Thanks for spending time with us!Greg, Naomi, Jamie, Taryn, Shawn and Sam. It was so good to see y'all again.
Naomi, Kathy and Duane, thanks for your hospitality and friendship. It's greatly appreciated!Emily, Michael, Noah, Naomi and Andrew all dancing to Emily's High School Musical CD.
Emily, Doug, Michael and Dana! What a cute family!Holly, Noah, Gene and Andrew, another cute family.
Jamie, Naomi and Greg.
Back row: Doug, Jamie, Naomi, Greg, Gene and Andrew Front Row: Michael, Dana, Faye, Emily, Gary, Noah and Holly. One big happy family!
Grandma and Grandpa with their five grandkids!Emily, Noah, Andrew, Naomi, and Michael. How do you get five kids to look at the camera at one time? You don't just fix it later with photoshop! (I still have to do that)Five grandkids on grandpa!Love this shot of Greg with his godson/nephew Noah! Such a happy little guy!
Emily and Michael did a little dance show for us...and then I got them to jump!
Naomi smiled but wasn't too sure about the snow.

Thanks for sticking around to see all the pictures. Hope you had a great Christmas and a Happy New Year! Here's to all things new and wonderful in 2008 and those things that just make us stronger!

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