Wednesday, December 19, 2007

rather lengthy update...

I feel like I have a lot to catch up on...maybe I do. It's been a little bit busy around here but fun all the while! If you don't want to know just skip to the bottom for pictures!

As part of my photography internship I was to call local day care centers to see if they would be interested in having Santa come to their center to take pictures with the kids. About 100+ phone calls later, we got three takers. They were all Discovery World centers and they were all the same week. So I found someone to watch Naomi and went to help with the Santa pictures. The nice thing about these pictures and the work is 1) I got to sit the whole time and 2) the pictures are instant so we don't have anything to deliver later. I just sat there and printed the pictures and burned any CD's that they may have ordered. I did this three mornings in a row at 9am...which means I had to get my butt out of bed early in order to wake Naomi up and get her ready for the "playdate" without me. It was tough to get her up Wednesday and Thursday because she was up till 10 both Tuesday and Wednesday nights (Tues was the Christmas party and Wed. was church). Anyway, we made it work and had fun while making it work.

Friday night we were invited to a Bible study/Christmas party with some members. Jenny came over to watch Naomi and we enjoyed the study and the delicious pie afterwards. We ended up being out kinda late which is not what we expected but it was a nice evening. Saturday was a "free" day for Greg and I. They had the youth babysit at church from noon-4pm and I took full advantage of this. Naomi was there with about four other kids and lots of teenagers and had a great time I'm sure. I got lots of wrapping done and got presents ready to mail. It was quite the process but was much easier to do without having to chase Naomi around. We took it easy in the evening since Naomi had been without a nap...she fell asleep on the way home and then we woke her for dinner. Sunday was the childrens Christmas program at church during the Bible class hour. It was a neat little service and it's always fun to see little kids dressed up like Bible characters! Greg got to play his trombone for the service and Naomi loved to hear all the music. We enjoyed a relaxing afternoon, and then made Christmas cookies and a cake in the evening.

Monday was a fun day of hanging out as a family. We had a great time chasing and scaring Naomi. She loves it and laughs so hard. In fact she was laughing so hard that she had a hard time standing up. One time she was trying to stand and fell over and hit her face on the side of the couch and let us have it. It's the worst she's ever cried and she got a little "couch burn" on her chin. We went out for dinner with a gift card we'd been given and then went to look at Christmas lights. The University of the Incarnate Word has the Million Twinkling Lights every year. It's a tradition that's been going on for quite a while. We enjoyed those lights and then went over to Windcrest. It's a big neighborhood that has been known for it's Christmas lights and even has a contest for the past 50 years. I've never seen so many lights in one area before. It was pretty impressive. The yards that had won prizes had signs in them and sometimes we wanted to give prizes to certain yards too like, "1st place for the most "junk" in the yard", "1st place for Bah Humbug block with no lights", and things like that. We'll have to make sure to go back again when Naomi is bigger so she can experience it too. She was getting tired by the time we were almost done so was a little crabby and not interested in being in the car any more!

One cool thing happened this week though, I got asked to be on another Creative Team for a different digital scrapbook designer. I'm excited to be able to work with her creations too. I won't be doing anything before Christmas but will probably post stuff here once I do have something done.

I've had a head cold for like two weeks and would not really be sad to see it go. It's made me so tired and I've just wanted to stay in bed but obviously I can't. I've got lots to finish getting ready before our big trip over Christmas. I've still got some presents to finish and wrap, packing to do and laundry, which is now a challenge since our washing machine is broken! Perfect timing hey?! Oh well, we'll make it work. I also have to work this weekend with the Santa pictures again and found that out just this evening after church. Bummer! However, we are truly blessed and cannot wait to see our family and friends this Christmas. We will be in St. Louis on Christmas Day and then driving to Indy the day after. We look forward to seeing little Xavier for the first time and spending time with family! Hope you have an awesome Christmas. I would love to be able to post more this week but I cannot guarantee that it will happen. So Merry Christmas and I'll try to be back before 2008 hits us!
Everyone says Naomi looks like she should be in "The Grinch who Stole Christmas" I think she looks more like that when she has two spouts on top of her head.
Greg playing his trombone for the children's Christmas program. He will also get to play for the choir concert on Sunday. Here's the church all decorated for Christmas!
Just a nice shot of Naomi on Sunday (12-16) She fought the couch and the couch won!This yard won 1st place for Homemade objects. Everything you see here and then some was handmade!

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