Friday, December 14, 2007

new babies

I'm usually on the ball with this sort of stuff but it just seems like December has come so quickly and is going to end so quickly that I'm not even sure I realize it's December (the weather doesn't help) Anyway, just wanted to welcome to new little babies into the world. Two friends from the Seminary were both due on December 10th and then were scheduled to have babies on the 4th. One was a scheduled c-section and the other was being induced. I was excited about the possibility of sharing my birthday with two sweet babies, but as it turns out I was only able to share my birthday with one sweet baby. Austin came a little early and that's okay, he was ready! So without further's two cute little bundles of baby!

Austin Todd
December 1, 2007
9lbs 2oz 21.5 inches

Check out all that hair!

Austin joins his big sister Jaylee! We can't wait to meet the little man...hopefully before he's walking! Congratulations you guys!

Adalynn Grace
December 4, 2007
6lbs 11oz 20 inches
Such a sweet little lady! Adalynn joins big sister Rylie! We look forward to meeting Adalynn in January! Congratulations you guy!

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