Thursday, November 15, 2007

soups on

What do you get when you give a 13 month old a pot, a ladel and some plastic fruit? You get 45 minutes of free entertainment for that 13 month old. Okay, I don't know if EVERY 13 month old would be captivated by those objects for 45 minutes but Naomi was. I was in need of some time to clean the kitchen and bake some cookies so I decided to see what she would do with a pot and a ladel. She seemed to be having a good time with just those two things so I decided to make it even more fun and throw in some plastic fruit. Boy was I right, it was even more fun! And even more fun for me because I got a lot accomplished! I won't break out the pot and ladel every day, we can't let the magic wear off but when I need it, I know where to find it! Soups on!

She had fun playing with the Stove Top box too...until it found its way to the trash.

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Anonymous said...

how cute!! i wonder how it would've sounded with the twins playing with her too!! Ha!! that would be so awesome!! got your package today.. thanks.. i actually attended a scrap open house last night.. trying to get back in the swing!!
Miss you all!!
Tami and clan