Tuesday, November 13, 2007


So, I normally only post prayer requests on here for people that I actually know or have a close tie to. But this one just seemed too important to pass up. I received an email today to an email address that I RARELY check and it was asking for prayers for this man, Blane, and his family. At the end of the post dated November 12th, Linda uses the scripture passage from James that I have as my blog header. That is why I received that email and that is why I am posting this information and asking for your prayers. I have not read all the journal entries but the few I have read have been very moving and heartbreaking. Blane has been dealing with cancer for 5 years and it just doesn't seem like things are getting much better. There are some good days for Blane but lately he has been very tired and weak. They have faith that all this is happening for a reason but just cannot see that reason right now. Please join me in praying for Blane and his family.

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