Friday, November 09, 2007

pastor appreciation

Yesterday was Pastor Appreciation day held by a local Christian AM radio station. The Pastors all gathered at a local golf course for some great food provided by the Outback Steakhouse, there was a guest speaker...Hank Hanegraf...and they got to play golf. What better day could those Pastor's have asked for. Steak, a great speaker and golf! I was able to join Greg, Pastor DeVries and another local Lutheran pastor and his wife for lunch (they had an extra ticket). They also had gift bags at each place setting with books, flyers and we even got a Veggie Tales movie for Naomi! There were also door prizes which none of us won but they were very generous gifts. The whole thing was sponsored by the radio station and a few other sponsors so the Pastors didn't have to pay a dime. When Greg got home I asked him how he golfed, to which he replied, "I had fun." It's hard to pick up golf and be great again after not playing for six months! Hopefully he and my dad can get out while they're here for Thanksgiving! It was a great day though and Greg did feel appreciated! And I'm sure he really enjoyed the time of fellowship with some pastors he knew and some he didn't...and the weather was beautiful too!

Naomi and I enjoyed the really NICE weather today (80's). We played outside for about an hour and in that time I think she got in and out of her little red car about 50 times! What a funny little girl! Hopefully she'll take a long nap!!!!

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