Sunday, November 25, 2007

the details

We've had a busy but very awesome week around here. Here's the to follow later!

*Spent a few days in Austin for the Churchworkers conference.
*Got to see cousin Adam for a little bit!
*Got to hang out with Heather and Kathryn
*Greg got to talk theology for hours with Eric and others
*Naomi learned to play and share...a little
*Spent a night and half a day in Austin after the conference
*Got to watch an old movie called "Oscar" with Paul and Andrea (good movie)
*Got to learn lots about missionary work and the like from Paul and Andrea
*Got to spend an afternoon with Jordan
*After seeing Jordan's place of ministry, residence and a great lunch we headed home
*Greg picked up my parents at the airport around 11:30pm
*Thanksgiving day church was great, Naomi was quiet for some of the service
*Lunch with my parents, Greg, Naomi and two friends, Tom and Jenny.
*Hanging out with full bellies and playing games with family and friends = awesome!
*Eating more food and playing more games into the evening
*Friday, we hung around the house and then grammy and papa got to babysit
*Greg and I went on a date, dinner while watching a movie (using my tickets that I won).
*The movie was incredible and I can't wait for the soundtrack! (August Rush)
*Saturday we spent more time at home and when Greg got home we celebrated Christmas
*We all got spoiled by mom and dad/ grammy and papa!
*Had a great dinner of brisket and then headed downtown to see the lights (it was cold (40degrees) and misty but that didn't stop us)
*Sunday we went to church -Naomi was quiet for most the service- and heard Greg preach
*Went out for lunch at a little local Mexican resturant
*Played some cards at home and then took mom and dad back to the airport
*Greg had to go back and lead worship at 6:30 and Naomi and I had fun playing at was weird to be just the two of us again!

*I get to go to work tomorrow
*Greg has to go to the dentist
*Tuesday is GENDER DAY! (as long as the baby cooperates)
*And then life should get back to normal for a little bit!
Okay, so there's the details and the pictures will follow...hopefully soon!


Mikaela said...

Sounds like our lives. Sometimes you don't know if you're coming or going but you have a ton of fun along the way!
Excited to hear if the baby cooperates tomorrow!

Casey said...

I saw August Rush as well over Thanksgiving weekend and loved it. I told my sister that I would love the soundtrack to it. Great minds must think alike!