Thursday, November 29, 2007

christmas with grammy and papa

Last Saturday we celebrated Christmas with my parents. They will be in Florida for Christmas and we'll be in Indy so we thought this was the perfect time to celebrate! They spoiled us rotten...okay, we're not really rotten but we were spoiled. They had also brought along gifts from Brad and Tracey so we had lots to open, while mom and dad just had their one gift, it felt a little weird! We are so grateful for the great gifts that we received...even though we don't deserve any of these gifts we give thanks for God for the awesome blessings that He showers on us.Jackpot!
After opening our gifts we enjoyed a nice dinner and then headed downtown to see the lights on the riverwalk. It was 40 degrees and a little misty so it wasn't ideal but we had a good time anyway. We bundled Naomi up and even gave her some gloves to wear...maybe we should find some that are her size!
My mom got this awesome shot! I learned it all from her...okay, not all of it but now you can see where I get it!
Everythings bigger in Texas!

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