Sunday, October 14, 2007

weekend visitor

Julie came this weekend and we had a great time with her here! Thanks for coming Julie and for spending time with us. We're so glad to have that time with you and new memories! Thanks for the truck and basketball for Naomi ... she loves them ... and so do we!!!

We picked her up at the airport on Friday at 10:25am. We had lunch with Greg and Josh at Thong's Thai and then spent some time at home (aka...Naomi had to nap). Friday we had pork chops... the garbage was near the top and we put the bones in there (near the top) we were all watching TV and Naomi had gotten kinda quiet. All you moms out there know that when a child gets quiet it's not usually a good thing. So I look over and I see her chomping on a pork chop bone. She got some of the meat off and was enjoying this "treat". So we decided to call her "pork chop". We let her stay up late and went and watched Greg play softball. They won again (19-4) and so are 5-0.
Saturday we spent time at home...Naomi took two naps...and then we went downtown for dinner. We ate at Casa Rio and had a great time walking along the Riverwalk and just spending time amongst great company. We watched NEXT and enjoyed the movie although it was a little wierd.
We went to late church today and heard Dr. Wallace Schulz preach (he used to be a Lutheran Hour speaker). Mount Calvary celebrated their 85th Anniversary today. There was a great German meal and short program complete with a German Polka Band. We felt like we were at a wedding in Wisconsin!!!! We got to hang out a bit before having to take Julie back to the airport. It was a short trip but much needed and so much fun! Thanks again Julie for coming to hang out. We can't wait for you to move to San Antonio so we can start our business together! Jordan came over Sunday night to hang out for a bit. So it was a weekend full of best friends!
Enjoy some pictures from the weekend!

Two blonde babes!


Chad said...

Is that an old school brewer's cap on gregory's head??? Does this mean he is changing allegience? :)

Greg said...

Not a chance!! But you know how it live in Milwaukee for a number of years, go to many games at County Stadium and Miller Park, you pull for the under long as they're not playing the Red Birds! Oh yeah, and the red hat doesn't go with the blue shirt :)