Sunday, October 28, 2007

reformation fest

At Mount Calvary every year on Reformation Sunday there is a festival for the younger kids and older ones who like to play along as well. We weren't sure what we should dress Naomi as and got many suggestions from people at church. We decided to make her the church mouse and I have to say she was the cutest mouse I've ever seen. Bonnie made the costume for her and it looked so great on her. She even kept the little "hat" on for quite a while. We ate dinner and then Greg had to leave and lead worship (when you preach on Sundays you also do the Sunday night service). There were people in the dunk tank...a big inflatable jumping thing for the kids, games, prizes and tons of candy. There was also a costume "parade" and the kids and adults all got judged on their costumes. Pastor and Cathy were Martin and Katie Luther. There was a dead ringer for Princess Fiona, the Hamburglar and some other great costumes. The kids did a great job with their costumes as well...okay, their parents did a good job with their costumes. Here's some pictures of, perhaps, the cutest mouse you'll ever see.The mouse and the hamburglar...both caught a little off guard by the other.
Cat and mouse...they play well together (for the most part). Naomi and her little friend Sophia.

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Casey said...

What a sweet little mouse...and I love the cat and mouse picture-too funny!