Thursday, October 11, 2007

our little getaway!

We had a great Anniversary/Birthday celebration this week. We left on Sunday after church and drove to Pearsall to drop off Tom's car. We had taken him to the airport so he could fly home for his father's funeral and then he drove his dad's car back to Texas from Michigan. So we had his car at our house and it was sorta on the way so we made a little trip to see his church and drop off the car. Then we took the senic route to the highway and just enjoyed the road trip! Once we got to the hotel on Padre Island and switched rooms (we wanted a balcony so we could hang out while Naomi slept) we went to find somewhere to eat. Naomi had a rough night and did not want to go to bed! AH! She was up till like 10:30. After a great breakfast in the morning we headed to Corpus Christi to the Texas State Aquarium. We liked the aquarium but thought it would be bigger. My favorite part was of course the dolphins. They are so awesome to watch! Naomi seemed to like them too.

We took the long way home and got to ride the ferry to get across to the island. It was raining on our way home, so I was bummed that we may not get to go to the beach. But it cleared up and we had fun at the beach. Naomi liked it at first and then she got some salt water in her mouth and was a little hesitant after that. So we went to the pool and swam a little bit there. Then she was just getting so cold that we went inside. As soon as we got inside it started to pour! Thanks God for holding the rain for us so we could swim!

Our little burrito!
We drove back to Port Aransas to go to Moby Dick's for dinner...but it was closed! We were bummed but found another place to eat. Naomi went to bed much better and got to relax and just hang out after that. In the morning we had breakfast and bummed around. Then we drove back to Corpus Christi and went to the USS Lexington. The USS Lexington is an Aircraft carrier that was used in WWII and it was the first air craft carrier that allowed women on board. We really enjoyed all the little tours...although the stairs were really steep...and got to see a Fighter Pilot movie.
We were all pretty exhausted after the day at the USS Lexington so we decided to head home. Altough Naomi was super tired she fought the sleep the whole way home and was just a little crabby! Sense my sarcasm? We had a great trip! The best part was having Greg and Naomi all to myself. When we're home I have to share Greg, he's always on call and could have to leave at any moment. It was so nice to spend two and a half days just our little family and not having to worry about anyone else! Thanks for the great time Greg and Naomi, I'll always cherish these memories!

I took tons more pictures...just don't have the time to put them in a slideshow tonight. I will do so later!

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Mikaela said...

Glad y'all had a wonderful time as a family. I totally understand the enjoying your husband to yourself when your AWAY. Away being the key word. When your anywhere close to home ministry seems to creep in at not so favorable moments sometimes!