Sunday, October 28, 2007

more visitors

This weekend we had a few more visitors stop by and hang out! Chad, Erin, Maddie and Emma came to see us from Houston. They arrived on Friday night around 8:30pm. I got Naomi out of bed and let her play with the girls for a while. It was fun while it lasted but it made bedtime a nightmare! Naomi did not want to go to bed and even more she was sharing her room with Maddie and that was just strange to her. She just stood there and stared at Maddie. Eventually once Maddie was asleep we let Naomi cry it out and she finally went to sleep close to 11pm. Around 1am she woke up crying and I'm so thankful she did. I was about to go check on her but first was startled to see a cockroach trying to climb in bed with me. It was on the side of my mattress very close to my pillow. I screamed and made Greg come and get it. He missed again (this cockroach had been hiding under the entertainment center most of the evening) and I was not happy. I slept with the lights on for quite a while. Finally the cockroach made it's way back out to the living room and eventually met its maker. I'm hoping it was the same one!

We had fun at the park on Saturday and enjoyed some awesome weather. Naomi tried to eat all the rocks that were in the play area and she and Emma had a great time putting the rocks on the slide. Naomi also really had a blast swinging! The girls took their naps and there was football on tv. Greg had to work in the morning but was home for lunch. We watched michigan state loose and the Huskers also. Jordan joined us for a great lasagna dinner provided by H*E*B (the local grocery store). Erin and I left it up to the men to put all the little ladies to bed and we went to a synchronized swimming show at the University of the Incarnate Word. It was a great show and really made me want to swim again. However, I know that's not possible, I'm out of shape, inflexible and can't hold my breath for anything anymore (maybe that's why I have asthma). One of the girls that was in the show goes to Mount Calvary...that is why I heard about it. They have one girl on the college team who is going to try out for the 2012 Olympics. She may have a chance...she was very good.

Sunday we went to church and had lunch at Jim's. Then they all had to leave and we all took naps. It was great to have them here for a visit and we look forward to a time when we can get to Houston. I know that Greg truly enjoyed talking with Chad and also hanging out with him and Jordan on Saturday night. It's always good to have a guys night...even if it is at home while the daughters are sleeping!

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I love the shoe picture at the top of this post!!