Tuesday, October 30, 2007

in God's family...

for one year. We celebrated Naomi's baptismal birthday yesterday by lighting her baptismal candle at dinner and explaining to her why we chose to have her baptised. I think she really understood what we were saying...cause she kept pointing at her lasagna and whining for more. Yes, she gets it! Even though she doesn't understand it's still important for us to explain these things to her and we plan to every year so that she knows how much we love her and how important it is for us that she is part of God's family. One day she'll understand and then she won't be so concerned with lasagna. Maybe dinner time isn't the best time to explain these deep theological practices...but maybe it is! Time will tell. Thanks for the card Doug, it was nice of you to remember her baptismal birthday...her "eternal" birthday!

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