Tuesday, October 16, 2007


My cell phone rings...
I notice it's a San Antonio number...
"Hi, is Gloria there?"
"No, I think you have the wrong number."
"This isn't Gloria?"
"Well, do you know her number?"
"I don't know any Gloria's."
"Okay, bye"

Now, I do have an Aunt Gloria but I knew it was not her that they were inquiring about. I just find it strange and a bit funny that they asked ME if I knew the number of the person they were trying to reach. I just had to laugh. So next time you get a wrong number, ask if they know the number of the person you were trying to reach. It will leave them thinking you're a little...can I say...stupid...but it's also pretty funny.

Also, have you ever gotten someone else's phone number? We have the phone number of the Hernandez family and every so often get phone calls for them...most often from telemarketers!


Anonymous said...

I must have someone else's number too. Every few months I get a phone call from an elderly lady...very elderly, asking for Jarome (ok that might not be the exact name, but you get it) and I kindly tell her she has the wrong number. Then I will receive at least 10 phone calls from her in a row and give her the same speech. I think she finally gives up until the next month comes. I think next time I will say I am "jerome" and see what she wants. Maybe she just want to give "Jerome" some money!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah this is Susan by the way. I can't remember my google password and cause of that can no longer blog. Sorry:(

Dana said...

It has taken us 5 years to stop getting calls for our phone number's previous owner. We used to get them monthly - if not weekly. Now it has been so long - I forgot their name (until the next caller comes through after a long repriev).