Wednesday, October 24, 2007

family visitors

We had a great time having Eric and Catherine here for a couple of days. It was SO GREAT to see them again. We haven't seen them since New Years! We are so glad they were able to plan a little stop to San Antonio after their Reunion/Homecoming weekend in Abeliene. Thanks for coming you two. We celebrated Naomi and Catherine's birthday with chocolate cake and of course the singing birthday dog. Naomi got some cool shoes, boots and a cute dress. We had a great time just talking and hanging out and of course went downtown as well. We also made a stop at Taco Cabana for Catherine. I think we had Mexican three straight days...Naomi did too. That little girl can eat.

They were getting updates via phone, internet and email while here about their neighborhood. Eric called today and told me that they got to see their house today and it was spared by the fires. However, he said it's really dirty and messy and it smells like an ash tray in their city. They are staying with our Aunt and Uncle again tonight...and I guess until they are allowed to go home. Thanks everyone for keeping them in your prayers. It looks like the worst is past but we can never be too sure so please keep praying...and for all those families who did lose their homes as well. Here are some pictures from their visit!

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