Sunday, September 30, 2007

what a girl

Everyone at church knows that Naomi loves accessories. Whether it be necklaces, earings, fun shoes, purses, glasses, pins you name it she loves it. So how appropriate is it that Cathy (Pastor's wife) found this great little denim purse with a gold butterfly and a little bling on it for Naomi?! Naomi played with the purse all evening. Putting it on her shoulder, carrying it from room to room...well actually she just pushed it as she crawled...and putting stuff in and taking stuff out. Thanks for the great little purse Cathy, she loves it! Naomi is now working on her third tooth. It's the bottom left one. The only bad thing, she has started to grind her teeth and it's the worst noise! UGH! How do I get her to stop?! Imagine what it will be like when there are actual teeth in there and not just hints of teeth!


brian said...

are you sure she's not trying to beat-box?? who knows, she may be a musician.

much peace.

Cory and Kristin Wielert said...

Liam did the same thing. It's a horrible noise! We just had to stop him when we noticed it and he doesn't really do it any longer, just a little with each new tooth.