Monday, September 03, 2007


Post-seminary Applied Learning and Support
So every new Pastor in the LCMS is placed in a PALS group for a couple of years. It is a time to get together with other Pastors that have been in the parish for a while and also with some other new pastors. It's a time to grow through Bible study, fellowship, and lots of fun and laughter. Our first PALS meeting was this Sunday and today, Labor Day. We got there late on Sunday since Greg had to preach but jumped right in to the card game they were playing! It was so great to see some familiar faces as Bob and Sandy were there and we had meet Tom at the new church workers retreat. We met some new faces as well. So Sunday night was for fun and fellowship and that's exactly what we did. Then we got together again today at 9:30, had a short time of prayer and then got to know each other a little better. Then the men had their Bible study and the ladies went their separate way for our own Bible study too. We all hand lunch together and then split up again. The ladies went for a walk and did lots of talking and the men had some great discussions as well. We closed the day in prayer for each other and it was just a great refreshing time and fun as well.

Naomi got to stay home on Sunday and had her first babysitter here at home. She's been watched at other people's homes but this was the first time someone else put her to bed in her bed. She did great! She came with us today and the host Pastors teenage daughter watched her in the nursery. She didn't get a nap...which I didn't really think she would but she totally crashed in the car on the way home.

We had a great Labor Day at Crown of Life and look forward to getting together with our PALS group again in the near future. Oh, and Greg does get the day off tomorrow since Mondays are his normal day off! YAY!!
Connie B, Jamie, Naomi and Sandy K
Bob K, Mark B, Tom W and Greg

one tired baby girl

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